Blanik L213




Only one prototype of the Blanik L213 was ever built by the Czech firm Inteco. It was all metal and designed for aerobatics.

The model is all glass to 1/3 scale with a wing span of 4.6 metres, the wing profile is HQ 1.5/12. The first thing that strikes you is, this is a very well thought out kit. All parts fit together perfectly, the finish is very good and the formers and servo holders have been CNC cut. Included is a very complete hardware pack. The canopy is fitted for you inside a neat glass frame that mounts to the fuz perfectly, so no need for hours of sanding! Servo hatches are pre installed and located with 4 tiny screws and air brakes are pre installed.

The wings are a very solid piece of moulding with a hefty carbon spar that runs the full length of the wing and a huge 20mm x 40mm square carbon joiner!

The best part about this model is of course the flying, it really is dynamite! The HQ 1.5/12 profile is very slippery and it keeps its energy amazingly well. Huge carving loops are a joy to watch and low level inverted passes are just electric! The roll rate is excellent for a big model and with the flaps mixed in it can get quite silly! Talking of flaps these really make the model very versatile, drop them 3/4mm to add some camber to the wing for thermaling, raise them for speed flying, mix them in for a great roll rate or drop them right down to slow her up for landing.

As you can tell I really like this model! I have flown it off the slope in gales to light air plus at aerotow meetings and it always puts a smile on my face. I like its looks and the fact that it's not a Fox or a Swift makes a nice change.

Available in white or yellow with a choice of colours on the underside or the wing.


Scale 1/3
Wing Span 4.6m
Wing Profile HQ.1.5/12
Number of Channels 9
Length 2.2m
Weight 10.5kg


Price Guide:

Glass: £1179

D Box: £1273

Retract complete with servo: £150

Blanik 1/5 scale: £438


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