ASW 20




The ASW 20 is a great all rounder.

A very tough model that is good on the slope due to its slippery low camber wing profile and good in thermal due to its low all up weight and flaps.

Fully moulded with plenty of carbon used in the main wing spar the model has been heat treated in the mould to ensure a full cure of all the epoxy. It has full span flaps/ailerons to give a great roll response making aerobatics a doddle.

The wing joiner is a 15mm ali tube filled with carbon which apart from being strong helps keep the model very light. If you wish this model is easily strong enough to take ballast for windy days or screaming passes.

Plug on tips add to its versatility.

Air brakes supplied.

A hardware pack is included with plan.

Available in a range of colours and lay ups ie more carbon.

Scale 1.4
Wing Span 3.75/4m
Wing Profile HQ.1.5/12
Number of Channels 5
Length 1.77m
Weight 4.2kg


Price Guide: £599

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